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Tūlry 8-in-1 Stainless Necklace

Tūlry 8-in-1 Stainless Necklace

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Embrace the synergy of style and utility with a collection that captures the essence of nature and philosophy in a series of elegant, yet functional, accessories. Choose from the strength of the bear, the majesty of the mountain, the serenity of the wave, the protection of the hamsa, or the balance of karma. Each design serves as a distinct cover, adding a touch of personality while concealing the useful tools beneath.

Hidden behind these captivating designs, the second pendant reveals five different hex keys, a miniaturized solution to handle hex head bolts and screws typically needing a set of allen keys. Ensuring that practicality never compromises style, this ingenious design keeps you ready for any quick fixes on the go.

The third pendant holds a secret of its own: a useful pry-bar and a Phillips screwdriver. These essential tools ensure that, whether it's a refreshing drink you need to open or a minor repair job you need to tackle, you're always prepared without compromising on your style statement.

All these elements hang beautifully on an 18-inch chain, allowing the Tūlry pendant necklace to seamlessly blend with your outfit while providing the added advantage of a mini-toolbox at your disposal.

The Zootility 8-in-1 Tūlry Pendant Necklace Set goes beyond conventional accessories. It's a testament to innovative design and the potential of integrating style with functionality. With this unique necklace set, you carry a part of nature, a piece of philosophy, and a handful of essential tools wherever you go. Proudly MADE IN USA.

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